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About Us

About Us

The North Hull Sports Network (NHSN) was first established in 2009 with the aim of increasing participation and improving the quality of Primary School sport and PE. Since then the NHSN has evolved significantly and now plays a vital role within the following 7 Primary Schools in North Hull:

  • Endike Academy
  • Parkstone Primary School
  • The Parks Academy
  • The Green Way Academy
  • Newland St. Johns
  • St. Nicholas
  • Ainthorpe

    The North Hull Sports Network is run by Sports Development Officer, Craig McFadyen (“Coach Craig”) and is supported by school sports coaches, James Walker and Stuart Spencer. The NHSN is run purely for the benefit of children, families and school staff within the 7 partnership schools, and every aspect of the NHSN is delivered with direction and support from Head teachers and PE coordinators within these schools.

    What is the role of the North Hull Sports Network?

    • Competitions and sports leagues.
    • PE lesson delivery.
    • Lunchtime sports and physical activity clubs.
    • After school sports clubs.
    • Half term and summer holiday sports activity clubs.
    • Professional development of teaching and non-teaching staff.
    • Development of school club links and signposting.